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Where To Buy Chanel Shoes

Depending on where you are, Chanel prices can fluctuate and it could be worth waiting if you know you can get them for less while traveling. The PurseBlog has a helpful list of the cheapest places in the world to buy luxury items.

where to buy chanel shoes

If you love the classic Chanel style, these espadrilles offer a contemporary twist on the timeless styling associated with the brand. Perfect for long-time Chanel lovers and those new to the brand, these stunning shoes will never disappoint.

Of course, this is where the mastery of Chanel comes into play. Like any great design house, they use different combinations of materials, shades, and hues to create drastically different shoes from just one design.

Famously quoted, Coco Chanel, embodies the busy woman. Intentionally designed, Chanel shoes are as versatile as they are beautiful. Pumps transition from the office to evening drinks. Ballet flats equally suited for meetings or the mall. Indeed a whole closet (and lifestyle) can be completed with only a handful pairs of Chanel shoes. Unfortunately, its iconic status invites unwelcomed imitations. Here's tips on how to distinguish real from fake Chanel shoes.

Even heavily worn shoes, should still bear faint signs of the brand marking in the insoles which, as show below, is comprised of the CHANEL word mark and interlocking CC logo. The brand marking will be foil stamped (in the same color as the hardware and style number) or blind debossed.

Chanel espadrilles are another example of shoes which I was did not quite get at first. As a Chanel shoe lover, I have always associated their footwear with a very classic look and hence I was unconvinced about the thick, double sole and the heavy stitching pattern. Additionally, I had no idea on how or where to wear them to, and overall they seemed incompatible with my personal style.

Once on, they fit well and do not feel too tight thanks to the very supple leather used in their construction. However, just like other Chanel shoes, at first they are quite snug especially at the toe box so your toes may feel gently squeezed, albeit not to the point of being in pain. But fear not, the leather will mould and stretch after a few outings so in the end they will fit like a glove. If you are too impatient to wait for the shoes to adjust naturally to your foot shape, you can use a shoe stretcher to speed up the process. [Back to Menu].

I do not believe that there is anything controversial in saying that, in general, espadrilles are not meant for comfort or long hikes. This is not to say that lambskin Chanel espadrilles are uncomfortable. I was worried that the stiff, double jute sole would make these gorgeous shoes painfully unwearable, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that this was not the case.

Chanel espadrilles, aside from the contrasting toe cap, have an interlocking CC logo at the uppers. Because in this variant the logo is made from the same colour leather as the espadrilles, it is visible but not overly garish or in your face, which is what I liked. The beige leather also blends in well with the jute sole and the natural stitching, making it visible mainly on the black toe cap where it contrasts the most.

On top of that, even though the outer sole of the espadrilles is lined with rubber, it is important to keep the shoes away from the rain, pool, sea etc. to avoid the jute soaking up water because this may permanently damage them. The delicate leather uppers are also unlikely to take well to water after becoming damp which may cause shrinking and misshaping. Hence, care-wise there is certainly a lot more to think about than with the classic Chanel ballerinas.

Realistically, Chanel espadrilles are a seasonal footwear so they will not see the light of day for a good part of the year which should extend their lifespan. This is unless of course you are lucky enough to live in a climate where they can be worn all year round. For the rest of us not blessed with the eternal summer but fortunate enough to have in our possession a pair of beautiful Chanel espadrilles, taking care of these beauties off-season is a key.

These days Chanel offers all kinds of menswear-inspired lace-ups, but these sleek black ones are my favorites. These Chanel shoes are made of patent and regular goatskin, along with an elastic at the center that lends a modern touch to the shoes. You can buy them from Chanel, where you also have the option of a similar but sequined pair.

Unlike other Chanel shoes, which are mostly made in Italy, the espadrilles are made in Spain. My favorite Chanel espadrilles are made of lambskin colored beige, with black at the toes i.e. the OG Chanel two-tone color combo.

The quilted leather is made of lambskin, while the toe cap is made of calfskin. These Chanel shoes also come in a sleek black fabric version and a beige tweed version, and are best purchased from Chanel.

These Chanel shoes are office wear perfection, though in true Chanel fashion they could also work perfectly for cocktail hours once the work day is done. They give a darker take on the two-tone design, with the body of the shoe made of navy blue calfskin, and with the toe cap made of black suede calfskin.

They are available in both red and blue, and are adorned with a bling CC logo at the middle strap, to ensure that anyone who sees you wearing them knows that you have a preference for the casually luxurious. Find these Chanel shoes on the Chanel website!

While Chanel shoes normally lean towards a lower, more comfortable heel, the brand still has you covered even if you want a more impressive pump. This pump boasts a 4-inch heel, with an understated version of the embellishment that skinnier Chanel heels are often decorated with.

It is one thing to present a Plimsoll-style sneaker on a ready-to-wear runway, but in 2014 Karl Lagerfeld made a serious splash when he sent models out on the Chanel Haute Couture runway wearing truly sporty running shoes. Many fashion critics were dismayed by the audacity, but those who know the history of the fashion house saw a lot of reason in his decision.

In this way, Lagerfeld was absolutely paying homage to his predecessor, and has continued to do so by presenting new pairs of sporty Chanel running shoes on the runway every season. That is why these sporty running shoes in white, navy blue, and red absolutely deserve a spot on this list. The best place to purchase these Chanel sneakers would be directly from Chanel.

This shoe, like all the other first Chanel shoes, was made to suit the life of a woman like Coco Chanel: an active woman with a flourishing social life and refined tastes, a woman whose wardrobe is finely curated, a woman who travels so much that she needs shoes that can suit any occasion. It is no surprise that when the slingbacks were released they immediately made it into the closets of celebrities like Jane Fonda and Brigitte Bardot.

The slingbacks were the only Chanel shoes for as long as Coco Chanel herself was alive. The shoe was crafted by Massaro, a renowned family-owned French shoemaking atelier. Since then, the shoemaker collaborated with the House of Chanel on countless items of footwear, until it was officially purchased by the fashion house in 2002.

These days you will see all kinds of color options in recent Chanel collections, with lots of iconic Chanel shoes released each season featuring a lot of black as well as bronze, copper, and gold metallics, silver and white, nautical reds and blues, as well as clear PVC shoes and boots.

Learn to identify well-made shoes by looking at the small details: the seams should be clean and straight, there should be no bubbling or folding anywhere in the leather, and there should be absolutely no glue residue along the insole.

Unlike Chanel bags, Chanel shoes, jewelry, and ready-to-wear clothes do not come with an authenticity card. Chanel shoes do usually come with a dust bag, not to mention the Chanel box. Unfortunately, when you buy vintage, these items often get lost, not to mention that they are fairly easy to fake.

By posting a few images on a Chanel-enthusiast forum like Purse Blog, you can have an army of fanatics examine and give their input as to whether your Chanel shoes are real or not. You can also opt for a paid service, like Authenticate First. 041b061a72

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